Christmas with Crackers

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Concerto Holly Christmas Crackers

Musical Christmas crackers with music and holly decoration.
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These decorative music Christmas crackers will bring elegance and laughter to your Christmas table. The print, on gold foil, features green holly sprigs and red holly berries on a sheet music background.

Finished with glossy red ribbons.

Each music Christmas cracker contains a snap, a joke, a party hat, a tuned whistle and a numbered badge.

Supplied with numbered sheet music and a conductor's baton.

Eight in a box.

Natural Christmas

natural christmas

Classic Crackers

classic crackers

box of 6 or box of 12

Designer Crackers

designer christmas

box of 6 or box of 12

Crackers for Children

childrens christmas

Musical Crackers

Musical Christmas

Fun Christmas Crackers

fun christmas